5 Easiest Way to Register Adsense To Be Received Quickly 2019

5 Easiest Way to Register Adsense To Be Received Quickly 2019

A little tells about my personal experience, where a few months ago submitted my blog registration to google adsense, with only 10 posts and the results were rejected on the grounds that the content was inadequate and the navigation menu was difficult to find.

That’s where I was a little disappointed and felt down. However, you know that there is a good thing about the rejection, why? Because that is the guideline and I use it as a motivation to stay and keep trying. I also continued to improve this blog, and immediately understood what was the reason for rejecting this blog.

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The first thing I did after being rejected by adsense:

  • Change the look of the blog with a nice template and easy to navigate.
  • A little change the appearance of the navigation menu, so that it is clearly visible on the front page.
  • Keep updating the latest posts.

Then, with all the thorough preparation and fixing all the shortcomings as Adsense delivered via gmail. Then, I re-submitted the second time. After waiting for about 10 days, and finally my blog is accepted by Adsense.

My heart was very happy to hear and see the good news sent by Google Adsense via email, with the message:


Now what do you think, friend, interesting isn’t it? If you are curious about these tips, let’s look at the following explanation of how the process and how effective it is for your blog 100% really received by Adsense.

How to ensure that the blog is received 100% by Adsense.

Content is hated and disliked by Adsense?

Small examples of some content that is prohibited or that is not liked by Adsense according to its privacy policy:

  • Plunging Contents
  • Copas Content (Copy Paste)
  • Hack or similar content.

Keep in mind, that Adsense will not want to accept blogs whose content is like the example above, especially blogs that contain the results of copy paste.

Why? Yes, because that is indeed a fixed price and it has also become an absolute decision from Adsense that you can’t break.

Then, how do we get our blog directly accepted by adsense?

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The method is very simple, but it must be correctly applied to your blog. Here are tips and ways, please refer well:

1. Make content that has no copy paste.

2. Specifying Templates for Blogs

Templates are an important point of the appearance of a blog, where this will be an attraction to visitors. And I recommend:

Look for templates that are simple, not heavy when loading and easy to navigate by visitors.

3. Navigation Menu

Make some navigation menus. This navigation menu is an important requirement for your blog to be accepted directly by Adsense.

  • About Us
  • contact us
  • Disclaimer
  • Privacry Policy
  • Sitemap
  • Terms of Conditions or Terms of Service.

Why should it be, and what is the purpose of installing the navigation menu above? Yes, it is indeed a decision like that and also to look more professional in the eyes of Adsense.

How to make a disclaimer, privacy policy and terms of service:

You can search on Google with the help of an online generator, or you can also go through “www.websitepolicies.com”

4. Widget installation

Create important widgets on your blog:

  • Popular Post
  • Recent Post
  • blog archives
  • Category

5. Content

I repeat this point, because this is the main point: Make a blog post, and of course it must be 100% original, without copying one or a few words at all. Because this will determine the fate of your own blog, whether or not received by adsense.


Well, what if all the steps above have been implemented, and the number of posts on the blog is above the number 10 or more, the next step that must be done is, please register your blog to Adsense.

And if you have registered, while waiting for certainty too, don’t forget to keep updating posts on the blog, just let it flow as it is.

Sometimes there are old ones, up to several months, then adsense gives news. There is also a fast with a matter of days. All depends on adsense.

Does the number of visitors also affect the submission of Adsense?

In my personal opinion, that doesn’t matter. Whatever number of visitors you want, if the content is the result of copy paste everything, it is definitely not accepted.

And content that is fresh or original in its own writing, is guaranteed to be accepted.

Okay, maybe I think it’s enough for this conversation. Hopefully this can be useful, of course for friends out there who are always rejected by Adsense. The point is from me don’t despair, keep going forward and don’t be afraid to be rejected.

Thus the tips this time The Easiest Way to Register Adsense to Be Quickly Received (Newest) 2019.

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