5 Most Popular Sharing Applications

Social media sharing has become the number one means of making and maintaining relationships. More than half the world’s population use one social media platform or another. New apps spring up continually but those that have been used for a number of years continue to be the most popular although one more recent innovation has attracted millions of users, too.


Share videos on the short-form video app that has taken the world by storm


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TikTok became the destination of choice for creating and sharing short videos for all the best reasons not least because it made video creation quick and easy. In a short time, the app has become the access point for people from all walks of life to share images and videos. The huge number of subjects covered by millions of shared videos guarantees entertainment and inspiration anytime you have time to enjoy yourself watching them.

Easy to use tools make it easy to create original videos adding special effects, music, and filters, and you can create a personalized feed based in order to see just what interests you the most. Best of all express yourself in video.

  • Select from a wide range of categories to share your videos
  • Shoot as often as you need – just tap to pause or resume
  • Get inspiration from millions of video creators
  • Edit your videos – trim, merge, duplicate
  • Add your music or sound from free sound and music clips
  • Choose from hundreds of filters and effects


Share images, videos, ideas, and passions with a like-minded community


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Reddit is the most happening social media place, and the appealing design of its app attracts interesting people and their ideas in the form of chat and image sharing. A hundred thousand communities exist on Reddit for discussing just about every topic there is. Subsidiary threads called subreddits focus on specific interests. These are voted up and down as users evaluate their relevance.

As you join the various communities, you create a continuous stream of content on a personalized feed giving you fast access to news, videos, memes, games, etc. Communities are idea-based rather than on those forming groups of people found on other social media sites. Share images and videos along with your thoughts on books, movies, music, and more.

The free app provides your means to Reddit’s quality entertainment, a system of unique user names for absolute privacy, distractions when you need them, gift exchanges, and opportunities to find out about all the things you never thought of discussing on social media.


Share videos and images – inspire and get inspired


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Instagram is top of mind for most people in terms of sharing photos and videos – and adding special effects to them. The fun app enables you to get serious too, and create a business profile so that you have access to analytics on the views and likes of your posts promoting your products and services.

The app supplies you with a feed so that you can browse the posts and interact with them, and you can, post new messages, images, and videos and, in some cases, use third-party tools to schedule posts. From browsing, you can go live at any time to connect with your contacts or you can message in private. An ‘Explore’ tab lets you discover new shared videos, images, stories, ideas, and creations.

Share videos and images on your feed to include them on your profile and communicate your life’s special moments or add them to ‘Stories’ so that they remain only for 24 hours before disappearing. You can even share longer videos on IGTV. Use ‘Direct’ to start conversations with friends. The app enables you to easily find businesses and products that are relevant to you.

Instagram is hashtag based so that you can easily follow up on specific interests or draw attention to your own. You can also discover videos, photos, and stories from millions of users using ‘Explore.’


Snap or chat – your choice


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Snapchat was the original social media app for sharing images and videos and the concept that was adopted by the many platforms that exist today. Offering the means to literally snap and chat, it quickly became the most popular form of communication with friends and family.

The app provides you with effects including filters and lenses, even 3D Bitmojos to add to your photos and you can message or video chat with as many as 16 friends at the same time. Continually evolving, the app is also the place to go to explore, play games, build friendship profiles, review memories, and lots more. There are several different areas of Snapchat.

  • Snap – since Snapchat opens to your camera, you need only to press or press and hold for video. Many lenses and filters enable you to style your creation and you can create your own filters or access lenses created by other users.
  • Chat – communicate via live messaging, share on Group Stories, video chat with as many as 16 people. You can add Friendmojis and personalized Bitmojis as well as Filters and Lenses.
  • Stories – here, you can see how your friends’ days go, find stories that interest you from other users, and quickly see those based on your own interests.
  • Discover – access news, subscriptions, games, trends, and more on a curated feed.
  • Snap Map – share locations with friends and find out where they are (Ghost Mode is always available) or find out about locations near and far from users’ Stories.
  • Memories – cloud storage enables you to re-live and share memorable snaps or create new Stories from the memories to share images and videos with friends.
  • Friendship Profile – all the snap and chats you’ve shared together, find more common interests, and compare everything from astrological signs to lifestyle and more.


Social networking and micro-blogging


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Tumblr has long been a favorite social media app for its blog and discussion platform. Blogs on every subject are shared on Tumblr. You can text, share videos and photos, post GIFs and live videos, and even create your own GIFs using text and stickers.

Connecting millions of people with millions of communities, the app is your means of communication be it images, text, GIFs, videos, music, or more. The app’s dashboard shows a feed with all the blog posts of the blogs you follow, and you can post right from there, comment, like, or reblog. Search is by keyword. Posts are displayed by type – Text, Photo, Link, Quote, Audio, Video, and Chat.

You’ll find icons at the bottom of the app’s dashboard for Home, Search, Create, Chat, and your Profile. You can customize your blog – layout, colors, fonts, at any time, and there is a huge range of themes to select from. Tools are provided for creating and enhancing your photos, videos, and GIFs and there’s access to original audio and you can search for audio on popular streaming services.

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