8 Best Alternative Chat Applications For Your Mobile, You have to try!

The Best Alternative Chat Applications For Your Mobile

If in the past we have had difficulty finding applications or communication facilities that are convenient for chatting or sharing messages, now you don’t need to be confused and bothered about this problem.

Good news for you who read this article. Now there are dozens of chat applications that you can use on your mobile. By using this application you can communicate with people who are far away to be very easy with the chat application.


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The Next Best Alternative Chat Application For Your Mobile Phone:

  • Telegram-application

Alternative Telegram Chat application is an interactive chat application with game play features through chat bots like Werewolf, Famili 100, UNO, and many more.
Besides playing games, of course you can communicate with your friends through private chat or group chat. You can decorate chat with various stickers, GIFs, or send various media such as photos or videos. Interesting right?


  • Slack-application

Slack can be your choice, this application has features that are suitable for communicating with your team which are grouped into topics, projects and more. You can also share documents with certain people or teams. To facilitate communication, you can also make calls to one person or group. Because this one chat application is suitable for professional workers

This application also has features that make it easy for you to search for discussions or documents easily.


  • Steam-application

Next is Steam. Steam is an application that provides various kinds of games digitally. You can buy games via Steam. besides that, you can also use Steam as an application to chat. Besides on PC, you can use Steam on mobile.

Unfortunately, the chat feature on Steam can only send text messages. Yes, according to its use to send messages while playing games. You will not be disturbed by stickers or emoticons when you’re playing fun.


  • Viber Messenger-application

Alternative chat application viber is Viber Messenger, this chat application you can use on PC or Android. Chatting using this application is very easy and fun.

You can send various GIFs, stickers, photos and more to your friends. In addition, you can also make voice or video calls for free. Uniquely, Viber has a secret chat feature that is used to discuss confidential matters with your friends because each chat you send will disappear within the specified time.


  • Kik-application

This one application has a unique and easy name, namely Kik.
This alternative chat application is suitable for those of you who like group chats that are full of jokes and laughter. Because you can send GIFs, emojis, or photos.
Another plus, Kik also provides features to play games or quizzes with your friends when they are running out of conversation.


  • BAND-application

Alternative Chat band application BAND is suitable for chat groups or work communication needs. You can manage all activities in the calendar available in the application. The poll feature in this application can be used to determine what activities to do, and share videos or photos that can be stored neatly.

Don’t hesitate to try it


  • LINE-application

For this application you must be familiar. especially on the Asian continent. LINE alternative chat application that you can use for daily chat activities.

Created by LINE Corporation based in Japan, this application has an interactive chat form with various funny stickers that can color your chat. Besides chatting, you can make voice and video calls for free on your cellphone or PC. In addition, you can also play games when making a video call.


  • The Snapchat-application

You can use Alternative Chat application as an alternative chat application, you can share funny photos or videos with various filters stored in stories.

You can also play with your friends and find out what’s happening around you with the Snap Map feature. There are still many other features that you can explore from this Snapchat application. let’s try now!



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