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So some of the natural ingredients and key elements of crypto assets as a decentralized new asset class may make them quite appealing to diversify your existing portfolio. Angie Lau: And help us understand the mindset that is evolving amongst some of the oldest European families in this region as they think about cryptocurrency. So a little bit a broad diversified space. Marc P. Bernegger: I think, as you also know, I mean, this whole cryptocurrency space, it’s a little bit like in the Internet space. I think as it was also 20 years ago in the Internet space, at the moment, every competitor or every player doing something similar is ultimately helping the ecosystem. Some people you don’t really know what they’re really doing. But thank you for your insights certainly into what’s happening here in Switzerland. Stuff, but I think it’s more about creating this new world together, creating this new and building a serious entry into this new asset class. Crypto Finance just announced that it’s expanding into Asia. Angie Lau: What’s the value proposition in Crypto Finance?

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Angie Lau: Who is on your board? Angie Lau: But one thing about the criticism surrounding cryptocurrency for a while now that the regulators try to address, and has really been becoming very specific about KYC and AML, how do you address those concerns? And has cryptocurrency reached that maturation point? If the United States has the keys well how can there not be keys for the Uk, our closest intelligence partner, the other five eyes countries, NATO, China, Russia, Israel, and so on and so on. As an on-going trade war between the United States and China and the U.K.’s exit from the European Union threatens the stability of conventional markets, more and more traditional investment entities have started experimenting with decentralized assets. Marc P. Bernegger: I think in general, I mean, we have by nature a decentralized system. So if you have inheritance from some family relations somehow involved in these happenings, you look at this whole existing system a little bit differently. Let’s call them shady creatures. Additionally, I think we have a very unique, let’s call it that way situation in global financial markets at the moment.

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Angie Lau: How important are these conversations that you have with regulators? I mean, the very early days, you had a lot of libertarian elements in it. So that’s why I think especially when you have a broader long term perspective, some of the gegenwärtiger zustand elements we all think are given are perhaps a little bit. But I think we’re still a little bit before the real Kipppunkt in this space. There’s still existing, but perhaps a little bit more in the background. So from this perspective, I think there’s not a big difference. And the question is, is the existing system able to work through this crisis or is there potentially a new way to somehow get to venezuela und kryptowährung the next step and implement perhaps new technology based possibilities which somehow make the whole system more decentralized, which I think would be a huge added value for the whole financial world. But I think at the end of the day, when they say that the serious money is here, that’s when people start paying attention. But you have far more interest from serious parties all over the world, but especially here in Switzerland. It’s still not everywhere perceived as a serious industry. What is the outlook for this industry in the next two to five years? It’s still a niche industry. Angie Lau: It’s great to be here in Zurich.

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Angie Lau: Well, I mean, when 1 bitcoin geschenkt you talk about institutional grade clients, you’re talking about a liquidity pool that, you know, demands security, demands auditing, demands regulation. You mentioned Singapore. It is positioning itself as very blockchain friendly environment with some, you know, crypto friendly legislation, thinking about it from a monetary authority level. You know, you look at it from a different perspective. And you saw this two and a half years ago. Additionally, we also do storage for institutional clients and also brokerage services for hedge funds, other banks, other funds. How should people be thinking about it from an institutional and professional point of view? I mean, as I said in the beginning, I think we’re not yet at the crucial Umkipppunkt. Marc P. Bernegger: That’s a good point. That’s something you will see in the next crisis to traditional assets not controlled by traditional gatekeepers like central banks or traditional financial intermediaries. So as long as you stick to these rules, it doesn’t matter if you have a DLT technology based solution or some more traditional approaches.

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