BraveBrowser for Mac, Windows and Linux – The Best and Safest Browser

BraveBrowser for Mac, Windows and Linux

The Best and Safest Browser

The Latest Version of BraveBrowser will automatically block advertisements and trackers, making it faster and safer than your current Web Browser. It’s amazing how quickly a page loads when you delete everything except the actual content.

Brave is a Chromium-based web browser which means that its performance and web compatibility are very similar to other browsers based on Chromium.

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Excellence BraveBrowser

  • Browse Faster: Block trackers and annoying advertisements that can slow down the web.
  • Explore Safer: Makes you and your information safer, effectively protecting you from third-party tracking and advertising.
  • Explore Better: With the web navigator, you can choose whether to see ads or not.
  • Block dangerous ads: A new ad game has appeared. It was called “Malvertising”. The latest display advertising technology can install malware on your laptop without your knowledge.
  • Redirect the site to HTTPS: Always look for a safe website
  • Pixel Block and Tracking Cookies Tracking: “Have you ever felt that someone was watching you when you saw an ad for something you bought a few days ago? We make sure you are not tracked when you shop online and browse your favorite sites”.

Download BraveBrowser for Mac, Windows and Linux

For Mac


For Windows 64 Bit


For Windows 32 Bit


For Linux


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