Clarify 2.0.11-217


Clarify streamlines the workflow of capturing multiple screenshots, organizing them into a document, marking up the images, adding text, and sharing your document as a PDF, Word file, or on the Web. View it in action!

The folks who love Clarify are using it when they need two or more images to:

  • Explain a process
  • Communicate changes they’d like designers/developers to make
  • Submit bug reports
  • Provide answers that consist of several steps

Clarify lets you:

  • Capture one or more screenshots and/or import one or more images (e.g. pictures and screenshots)
  • Mark the images with annotations such as arrows, circles, blur, sequence, highlight, and text
  • Add titles and paragraph text for each image
  • Share your document via email, PDF, Word, Dropbox, Evernote, WordPress, or
  • Capture windows or regions
  • Import photos or other image files
  • Organize multiple images or screen captures into a document
  • Add multiple images to a step (new feature)
  • Reorder screen captures/images via drag and drop
  • Replace images without messing up your formatting
  • Crop and resize images
  • Mark up images with arrows, boxes, circles, text annotations, and sequence
  • Blur out sensitive information or highlight important areas
  • Export to PDF, Word, WordPress, Evernote, HTML, Markdown, or Dropbox
  • Copy and paste content as rich text to any word processor that accepts rich text
  • Add borders of picture frames
  • Export individual images or all images in a document
  • Include embed for videos hosted on YouTube, Wistia, etc.

Download Clarify 2.0.11-217


For Mac


For Windows


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