AZHALENA.COM: AVG Antivirus, is a security software to protect computer devices from infection with various malicious software variants (malicious software, often abbreviated as malware) such as viruses, spyware, worms and trojans.

AVG Antivirus performs preventive measures to prevent the risk of damage, loss and theft of data by attackers (hackers, crackers or other terms such as cyber attackers) that insert malware into the victim’s computer.

The main features of AVG Antivirus are preventing viruses from entering the computer, cleaning files infected with viruses, and deleting or quarantining files indicated as viruses.

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Here are some of the main functions of AVG Antivirus:

  1. Link Scanner
    It is one of the features that AVG Antivirus has to scan links for a website to prevent users from accessing malicious websites. LinkScanner is integrated into other software such as web browsers, so it can minimize and even eliminate the risk of “stuck” users on malicious websites.
  2. Online Shield
    If you are an active user downloading files from the Internet, then one of the features of AVG Antivirus named Online Shield will be very useful to prevent the entry of malware into the computer through the downloaded files, Online Shield scans the files that will be on download before the download process starts. In addition, Online Shield is useful for blocking malicious files in email attachments (email attachments).
  3. Online and “Offline” Update
    For computers connected to the Internet network, AVG Antivirus is equipped with the “automatic update” feature so that every update is available, AVG Antivirus will automatically update “virus definition”, meaning the ability to recognize AVG Antivirus against various types of new threats and how to fix them will be updated.








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