Download Latest Quod Libet 2019

Download Latest Quod Libet 2019


Download Quod Libet Terbaru

AZHALENA.COM – Quod Libet is an audio player, tag editor, and multimedia library manager based on GTK Runtime which was built using the Python programming language, using the tagging library Mutagen. Before installing the Libet Quod user must first ensure that the appropriate GTK runtime is installed on the system, this applies to both Linux, Mac, and Windows platforms.

With Quod Libetd, users can create playlists in a unique way. In addition to other features and support that you might not find on other media players.

Quod Libet

Download Latest Quod Libet 2019

For Mac


For Windows




Quod Libet Feature

  1. To play multimedia files.
  2. Quod Libet can interact and manage thousands of multimedia files easily. Can also simultaneously manage thousands of these files in one window.
  3. One interesting feature on the Quod Libet that we will find rarely in other media players is the Regex function (Regex: Regular Expression). The Libet Quod has great ability in managing large collections of multimedia files. In the playlist creation feature we will find a playlist creation feature by combining file name search using Regex. With this capability the user can create a playlist based on Regex search.
  4. Able to display and edit tags from multimedia files that they support such as MP3, MP4, OGG, FLAC, WMA, MIDI, and many more.
  5. The Libet code is easy to operate. The player is so simple, there are not so many options and features.
  6. The V has several view modes, including hierarchical folder views as in file explorer.
  7. Another program whose folder view is as good is Sayonara. In terms of skin, like in Winamp, you will find several controls related to the player’s display.

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