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Free PDF reader allows you to view PDF files. Many people have to use a web browser to view PDFs, but with this tool you can view your PDF files without a web browser and without using expensive software.

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The advantages of Free PDF reader

  • Convert your PDF file to Doc file: This tool will convert your PDF content to Microsoft Doc.
  • You can start the conversion in less than one minute. You don’t need to spend hours looking at the GUI.
  • This tool is quite fast, although it depends on the processing power and RAM on your PC.
  • This tool is easy to use, because it looks simple.

Lack of Free PDF reader

  1. It doesn’t work with anything above Windows 8. However, most people can use their Windows 10 operating system and troubleshoot programs with compatibility mode, which allows Windows 10 users to use this tool.
  2. How PDF files are formatted and organized in Doc. file is not pretty. Plus, most people use DocX which is more modern these days than Doc.
  3. Not good at converting images. If you don’t want to take photographic images from PDFs, then this tool might still be relevant for you.

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