Free Virtual Keyboard

App Free Virtual Keyboard can be installed and run on a Windows-based computer with a touch screen. You can use mouse, touch screen, pen or pointing device to other type. Keyboard tools is have a button that is large enough to be typed with the fingertips, making it easy to use.

Free Virtual Keyboard

A virtual keyboard application for free it comes with four virtual keyboard that is different and supports all languages and keyboard layouts installed in the system. Some of the features found in the Free Virtual Keyboard is:

  • Change the size, color, and transparency of keyboard on the computer screen.
  • Has the function of auto-repeat to press any key to repeat
  • the same character continuously automatically.
  • Can be run via flash, so it is very portable.

Download Free Virtual Keyboard


Portable EXE (272 KB)
Portable ZIP (244 KB)
Installation Package EXE (863 KB)
Installation Package ZIP (773 KB)


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