Garena FreeFire for PC or Laptop

Garena FreeFire for PC or Laptop

FreeFire For PC or Laptop: Game Battle Royale genre is increasingly becoming a favorite of gamers. Basically, Free Fire is the same as other battle royale games. But there are some significant things that differentiate and become excellent features in the game.

First there are character features that you can choose for you to use. They are Adam, Eve, Miguel, Paloma, Kla, Maxim, Misha, Nikita, Kelly, Andrew, Olivia, Ford.

The weapons in the game are more or less the same as those you find in other military-themed battle royale games. Call it Scar, M4A1, UMP, VSS, Kar98K. But there are also typical items namely Scanner and Gloowal.

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Download Garena FreeFire for PC or Laptop

There are 2 ways to download Garena FreeFire for PC or Laptop:


1- Download Garena FreeFire for PC or Laptop With BlueStacks

  • Download Garena Free Fire Zip File


  • Extract Garena Free Fire ZIP File using Winrar
  • Open Garena Free Fire Extracted Folder.
  • Install Bluestacks and Open it on your PC.

If you don’t have bluestack yet. Please Download below


  • Drag and Drop Free Fire APK on Bluestacks
  • You’re all done! Enjoy playing


2- Download Garena FreeFire for PC or Laptop With NoxAppPlayer


1. Download the Nox AppPlayer application and install it on your PC or laptop.

How to install Nox AppPlayer

2. If it is installed correctly on your laptop, then open the Nox AppPlayer.

3. Then open the Google Play Store in Nox App Player, then log in using your Google account.

Cara Main Free Fire Di PC Dan Laptop

4. After successfully logging in, then search for “FreeFire” on Google Play. Then click the “Install” button to install the game. This is the easiest way to download Free Fire on a laptop compared to downloading it from a third source.

Cara Main Free Fire Di PC Dan Laptop

5. After the Free Fire game is installed, open the game immediately. By default, you will not be able to use the keyboard to play FreeFire on a PC. Therefore we will set the virtual button to use the keyboard to make it easier for you to play FreeFire on a PC. The trick is to touch the keyboard icon in the upper left corner.

Cara Main Free Fire Di PC Dan Laptop

6. Then slide the navigation key according to the FreeFire button on the screen. Adjust the position so that the buttons function properly.

Cara Main Free Fire Di PC Dan Laptop

7. Then slide the other buttons to the right control to shoot, bow, jump and more. You are free to position this button, set it according to your level of comfort in playing.

Cara Main Free Fire Di PC Dan Laptop

8. Finish. Now you can play Free Fire on your PC more comfortably.


FreeFire Play Guide for beginners:

1- Plane Path and Landing Position

Pay attention to the direction of the plane’s arrival and where it ends from the flight, by opening the map.

Choose a fairly quiet location but have enough buildings or houses, to ensure there are good loot there (such as Ranch and Waterfront in Bermuda map)

Estimate your speed when heading to the landing location. If you see the enemy heading to the same location, make sure you land first

2- Take any weapon

Hurry up to pick up any weapon. And take a melee weapon first like SMG and SG, because both types of weapons can knock out the enemy quickly.

Choose weapons according to your abilities (it is recommended for this to select long distances that have more damage such as AK47, SCAR, M14 and close range weapons such as Shoot or Submachinegun MP40)

3- Use a Scanner

If you find it difficult to find out how many enemies are plunging together in the location you specify, you can use Scan items so that you get enough information.

By using a scanner, you can decide to attack your opponent, or prefer to wait for your opponent or move and find another area that is more quiet.

4- Maximize Gloowall

If you are seen by an enemy and he starts shooting at you, don’t panic, find a good hiding place to return fire. If there is no place to hide, don’t panic!

When your position is pressed into an area without any place to hide from enemy fire, use gloowall to protect yourself.

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