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AZHALENA.COM: GPU-Z is a lightweight utility designed to provide all information about your video graphics card and GPU.

For those of you graphics lovers, GPU-Z is a choice of the main utilities to find out about the details of the installed graphics card.

This application will display complete information about the graphics card. The information displayed is in the form of GPU type (Graphic Processing Unit), BIOS, processing technology, memory type, up to information about clock speed.


Some of the changes that are present in this version of GPU-Z are related to the latest AMD processor “Raven Ridge”. Especially with regard to GPU-Z crashes when used with AMD’s newest APU-based system.

Detection support added to this version includes RX460 mobile, RX560 mobile, RX 570 mobile, RX580 mobile and RX550 based on the Baffin LE architecture.

Improved accuracy was obtained for reading video memory usage for the AMD Radeon GPU, rendering performance from NVIDIA PerfCap Sensor and reading AMD Power Limit on the Advanced tab.

Especially for those of you overclockers, usually pay attention to information about the default clock that describes what the standard clock is from the manufacturer and the GPU clock whose value is higher when the graphics card is overclocked.

GPU-Z will also display the temperature information of the Graphics Card, especially for middle to upper class graphics cards with heat sensors. Temperature is indeed an important thing to monitor the overclocked graphics card so it doesn’t burn.

GPU-Z does not need to be installed, you can immediately run it. Supports NVIDIA and ATI, it will give you information about display adapters, GPUs and screens. Can display overclock (if any), standard clock and 3D clock.

Latest GPU-Z Support:

  • Added some new graphic detection
  • Updated NVFlash integrated for BIOS readings
  • Increased voltage monitoring support for GTX 780 Ti
  • Sensor refresh rate
  • GM107 Stay TMU & shader count
  • Enhanced NVIDIA Maxwell support
  • Voltage monitoring for Pitcairn / Curacao cards
  • NVIDIA Tesla K20Xm, GTX 860m
  • AMD Radeon HD 8210
  • Support for Windows 8.1


GPU-Z Download

GPU-Z v2.31.0 – LATEST

  • 7.7 MB – Standard Version


  • 7.8 MB – ASUS ROG Themed



Download GPU-Z 2.17.0

=>Related image Standard Version – 6,19 mb


=>Related image ASUS ROG Themed – 6,28 mb


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