How to get a Payoneer Credit Card and activate it

How to get a Payoneer Credit Card and activate it

Now wait for approval from Payoneer. Once approved you can order a Payoneer physical card to send to you according to your shipping address. By clicking:

“Order a Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard”.

order kartu payoneer

It takes almost 20-40 days to arrive, I receive a card up to 1.5 months.

Next is to activate your Payoneer account and card. And this is done when you have received a Payoneer card in your hands. Follow the instructions as stated on the paper in your Payoneer card envelope.

Payoneer aktivasi

If you have received your Payoneer card, you can see your approval and shipping status by logging in to your account, enter your username and password, then click Login.

Payoneer login aktivasi

To see the status of your Payoneer account, please click on: “View your status and activate your card”.

Payoneer aktivasi 1

When you receive a card, click “Activate” and then click on “Card Activation”.

Payoneer aktivasi 2

Enter the 16 digit card number and secret code of your own choice of 4 digit Payoneer PIN (this pin is important as a password when withdrawing money with a Payoneer card at an ATM machine or to pay in a shopping center). Agree to the cookie policy and then click “Activate” Now your card is ready for the first use.

Payoneer aktivasi 3


Your Card Has Been Activated. And save or make sure you always remember your 4 digit Payoneer PIN, because the PIN will be used when you want to take money from the Payoneer account using the Payoneer MasterCard at the ATM.

You can use this Card at your bank’s ATM, if there is a MasterCard logo. And even if you don’t have a bank account, with a Payoneer card you can still withdraw money.

With a Payoneer card, you can withdraw money as long as it’s sufficient, for example $ 25. Unlike when you withdraw funds directly to your local bank account it is required to have a minimum balance of $ 50.

However, keep in mind that withdrawing money when you have a lot of money, because there is also a transaction fee, a large tax bank is $ 3. And always check your balance directly through your Payoneer account online, don’t check it from the ATM, there will be a fee of 1 $ of the total balance just to check your balance.


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