The Easiest Way to Turn Images with Pixelmator on a Mac

Reversing the image is not exactly the way it is, it takes pictures and reverses the colors so that each color is opposite.

There are two ways you can invert images in Pixelmator on a Mac,
1. Use a key combination
2. Using the image effects panel.


1- Reverse Image with Command + I Keyboard Shortcuts

For many users, the + I keyboard shortcut command will be the easiest and most familiar because it is the old “Reverse” keystroke from Adobe Photoshop too.

On the other hand, the effects panel approach will be better for other users because it offers visual cues. You can use one or both of them to invert the image or selection in Pixelmator.


Press “Command + i” to immediately invert the current image, photo, picture, or selection in Pixelmator.

Press “Command + i” to quickly flip the current image, photo, image or selection in Pixelmator.

Invert image on Mac with Pixelmator keystroke

2- Reverse Images through the Pixelmator Effect Panel

  1. Drag down the “View” menu and select “Show Effects” if the browser effects panel isn’t visible on the screen
  2. Pull down the dropdown menu in the Effects panel and select “All Effects” or “Color Adjustment”
  3. Scroll through the Effects until you see “Flip” and then double-click on it to apply the image color reversal to the current image, picture, or selected item on the screen

Invert image on Mac with Pixelmator Invert effect

In reversing the image, you can reverse the inversion by doing it again, or by performing the Mac undo action from Command + Z (and you can repeat it too if you want to apply the inversion again).

If you are wondering, you can also flip the image in Preview on Mac but the Preview method does not allow for selective color inversion from certain choices, so this Pixelmator approach is more suitable for many image editing tasks.

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