How To Root Your Android Phone Easily, Can Be Directly on Mobile and PC / Laptop

How To Root Your Android Phone Easily, Can Be Directly on Mobile and PC / Laptop

Rooting is a process that allows users of smartphones, tablets and other devices to run the Android operating system to achieve special control (full access / superuser) as an administrator (known as ‘root access’) in the Android Linux program subsystem.

There are various ways to root an Android phone. These methods include rooting via PC or via your cell phone directly. Software or application is needed to root the HP. You can choose for yourself which applications are compatible with HP.

If you are interested in rooting your cellphone, the following steps need to be followed.


How to Root an Android Phone Without a PC

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1. With KingRoot

KingRoot is considered the best Android root application at the moment. This is because KingRoot has supported the root process of more than 100,000 types of Android-based smartphones.

The first thing you need to do is first download the KingRoot application on your cellphone. You can download the application on KingRoot’s official website.

After downloading the application, you can immediately install the application. How to install it like installing applications in general on Android.

After that, open the installed application so that your device model will be automatically scanned. If your device is supported, then you will immediately be able to root your Android device.


2. With FramaRoot

This application is not much different from KingRoot. If you fail to root your device with KingRoot, maybe FramaRoot can be your choice. FramaRoot is often used by Android users who want to root their devices.

To use it the same as other rooting applications. You must download it first and then install it. Once installed you can immediately open the application.

How to Root an Android Phone Without a PC with FramaRoot:

  1. After opening the application, you will find the “Select an action to execute after root” option with two options, namely “Superuser” and “SuperSU”. Both are the same. You can choose one of them.
  2. Then select the option “Gandalf” or “Aragorn” the function is the same.
  3. After that the device will automatically do rooting. Wait for a moment. For each type of Android it varies when rooting.
  4. Your device has finished rooting.


3. With KingoRoot

The root process with this application is also fairly easy and easy. You just have to download and install the application on your device. Then just click on the “One Click Root” option so your device will automatically rooting. Wait a while and your device has been rooted successfully.


Even though it’s easy, you still need to be ready to accept all the possibilities that will happen to your Android. Can succeed, however, it can also fail and make your cellphone no longer operate.


How to Root an Android Phone with a PC

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Rooting with a PC is considered to be much safer and has a greater success rate than rooting through a cellphone. You can rooting your Android phone with various PC root software that many have encountered first.

But there are some basic ways to root HP on a PC. Here are some basic steps that you must do when you want to boot your cellphone on your PC.


1. Activate USB Debugging

The USB Debugging function is to build bridges between Android devices and PCs. How to activate USB Debugging is to open the “Settings” menu on an Android phone, look for the “About phone” option, in the “About Phone” option, find the “Build Number” option and click repeatedly until the notification “You are now a developer” appears.

After that, go back to the “Settings” menu and then select the “Developers Option” menu. Look for the “USB Debugging” option then check the option.

Then go back to the “Settings” menu. Then look for the “Security” setting, there will be an “Unknown Source” option, check the option.

2. Root with the application on the PC

After setting settings on HP, connect your device to a PC using a USB cable. After that you need to download the HP root application.

There are various kinds of HP root applications that you can download on the Internet. These applications include “Root Genius, iRoot, MobileGO, KingoRoot, OneClickRoot” and many more.

Choose an application that is compatible with your Android phone type and brand.

How to use it is the same as using the root application on Android. You need to download and install it first. Then open the application and follow the instructions given.

Note: Rooting an HP takes a long time, so make sure the HP battery is fully charged. This will minimize failure in the rooting process.

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