How to Set Up Your Home Wifi Like a Complete Maniac

One of the guys doing the house-gutting had unplugged the router by accident. I plugged it back in—crisis averted. But there was a bigger problem: He told me that soon there would be no safe space for a router and I’d have to figure something else out. I assumed it would be a while, possibly even long enough to develop a plan. A day or so later, I was informed that the time had come. The office was about to become a non-office. I tried moving everything into the basement, but surprisingly putting networking equipment in an underground concrete block structure 100 feet from my desk ended up not working out.

It was time to solve the problem with what I had laying around. We’re in the process of moving, so I have plenty of terrible, brittle Sterilite bins lying around. By now, you have to know where this is going.

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The siding on the house is headed to a recycler, so I didn’t think twice about grabbing a couple of deck screws and attaching a little bin to an exterior wall. I ran an extension cord and coax line through the floor of the bin, plugged everything into a power strip, and a few seconds later, connected my phone to my Eero router, which, unsurprisingly, worked. It’s a fine router, and it’s very easy to operate. I clicked the cover on the tote and dropped a few photos in the Jalopnik Slack to show off my handiwork. Raph said I should share the photos with the staff of Gizmodo, so I did.

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