How to use WinToFlash to make bootable windows

How to use WinToFlash to make bootable windows

In the past when reinstalling windows, you use a CD or DVD, quickly forget about it. It’s old-fashioned, because not all computers have CD-ROMs, especially netbooks. The newest way is to make a USB flash disk into a bootable media window.

Imagine that you buy an external DVD that is expensive, it’s better to use a flashdisk. The size is also small, easy to carry everywhere. Wintoflash can be a solution for friends who will reinstall the Windows operating system.

The advantages of WinToFlash

  • Able to make Flashdisk become bootable windows
  • Quick and easy use
  • Will not damage the flashdisk
  • Multiboot USB drive

What I like about WinToflash is the Multiboot USB drive feature, that is, you can combine Windows installation files with various other software in one Flashdisk. Including Linux and different versions of Windows.


How to use WinToFlash:

  • 1. Download the Latest WinToFlash, Click Below for Download:


  • 2. Install as usual and run WinToFlash

Cara menggunakan wintoflash

  • 3. Select the Windows Setup Bootable USB Wizard

Cara mengunakan wintoflash

  • 4. If it appears as shown below, just select Next

Cara menggunakan wintoflash

  • 5. Now this next stage depends on where the Windows File source you have. If the Windows installation file is a CD then you can select “I have a CD inserted into my computer …”, on the contrary, select “I have ISO image …” if you use an ISO windows file.

Download WinToFlash Terbaru

  • 6. In the Windows files path column, select the Select button that is right next to it and look for the Windows installation folder. Because here I use ISO files, then what I choose is an ISO file from the windows.

Cara menggunakan wintoflash

  • 7. If it is, then the address folder will appear, click Next to continue

Cara menggunakan wintoflash

  • 8. Next, the detailed information will appear, select Next again.

Cara menggunakan wintoflash

  • 9. A flashdisk warning will appear and you will be formatted. Be careful, make sure all important data is moved. Select Cancel if you want to move the data first, to continue select “Continue”.

Cara menggunakan wintoflash

  • 10. Select “I do accept the terms of the license agreement” then click Continue

cara menggunakan wintoflash

  • 11. Wait for the process to complete

cara menggunakan wintoflash

  • 12. The process of making bootable windows using wintoflash is complete and you can immediately use it

cara menggunakan wintoflash

To use it, change the boot device priority in the BIOS to a USB Flashdisk or Removeable Media.

As information, there are many software that you can use to make a bootable USB. Everything has the features and advantages of each.

Hopefully Helpful

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