Microsoft Word /  Office 2010

Microsoft Word is Microsoft-flagged word processing software for Windows. It is by far the most widely used word processor in the entire world, and can be found almost everywhere, in fact making the .doc and .docx file formats from Microsoft Word everywhere.

Microsoft Word includes many facilities that make word processing easy and adequate. The layout is simple and intuitive, placing the document itself as the center of attention / activity.

This program is very functional and easy to use. The many facilities and functions of Microsoft Word are easily accessed through several menus and by using ribbon or ribbon.

For example, it is really very easy to format text, change font type, letter size, and to add special appearance to text. It’s also very easy to manage long and complex documents, prepare various sections, and include tables, graphs, images, etc.

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Users can also create their own template face, use macros, password protection and print their documents.

Microsoft Word is regularly updated and has been known by several versions throughout its history, and since its birth in 1983. Completely compatible with several versions of Microsoft Windows, but there are also versions available for Mac.


Download Microsoft Word /  Office 2010

Microsoft Word /  Office 2010


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