Minecraft For Mac, Windows and Linux

Minecraft is a game filled with adventure and creativity. From a first-person perspective you have to try to survive in a world filled with blocks very similar to the Lego game. In this game you can move around freely to collect all the materials that you can later use to make something.

Minecraft has no definite restrictions for you in making an object, for example you can destroy chunks of rock until it becomes a small part to build your house. In addition, you can also cut trees to make household appliances, and you can also make more complicated household equipment such as statues, wells and buildings.

The game will be very different when the night is approaching, because at night this game will turn into a scary game. You have to survive using your sword and arrow to face giant spiders, living skulls and other creeping things.

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To be able to survive in this Minecraft game, of course you not only need a house with its contents and also a sword and some other equipment. Here you have to take advantage of your freedom to search for objects that are just there and lying around which you can then use as a defense tool.

Minecraft is the most successful game in this century and is the best work of Notch, besides that Minecraft has also succeeded in capturing the hearts of millions of players who are curious about this game.


Download Minecraft For Mac, Windows and Linux


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For Windows


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