MJML For Mac, Windows and Linux

MJML is a lightweight app that makes responsive email smooth. You can now leverage the power of MJML directly from its official desktop app. Import and manage templates, edit your email with live rendering, customize your environment and send test emails straight from the app!

Browse the official templates library

The presets section will provide a selection of the best community templates using MJML. If you want your template to appear in this section, please submit a pull request.

Use the power of MJML, easily.

The MJML App supports out of the box all MJML features. You can see the result in the preview pane as you code, and resize it to see the responsive behaviour in real-time.

Send test emails to your inbox

The live preview is pretty cool, but the app also provides a way to directly send test emails to your inbox to see the final email on your mobile, desktop and browser clients. You will need a free Mailjet account, with your API Keys, and a valid email address to be used as a sender and recipient.

MJML free download for Mac

Download MJML


For Mac


For Windows


For Linux


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