Mobile Legends For PC

Mobile legend: This game displays several modes, namely the five versus five battle mode, classic 3-lane fight, and the country match against the country.

The Mobile Legends game displays your favorite hero. Also gamers can build perfect teams to defeat the opposing team. The game also displays virtual joystick style controls on the left side of the screen and the skill button on the right.

The game is quite interesting where gamers work together, launch a strategy to destroy the opponent’s tower.

Mobile Legends for PC

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How to Play Mobile Legends for Beginners

1. Adequate Connection

One of the challenges of playing strategy online games is an internet connection. Most beginners don’t really care about this.

Before playing, make sure your internet connection is in good condition. This is to avoid lags in the game. Lags in the game can make you AFK so you will bother the teammates who are struggling.

2. Master One Hero

Master one hero first. As a new player, of course many of them don’t know what a suitable hero to try.
To overcome this, Moonton has made a special mode for learning. This mode is Custom Mode, in which there are 3 additional modes, Match Up, Brawl Mode, Draft Pick. Especially for Draft Pick mode, you can try all heroes for free and choose one hero to master.

Some Mobile Legends heroes that are easy to learn for beginners include:

  • Layla
  • Miya
  • Zilong
  • Alucard
  • Tigreal
  • Eudora
  • Rafaela

3. Set the Build Item

Next you can adjust what build items are used in the game. These settings are in the Preparation> Gear menu.

If you are confused what are the build items that are suitable for a particular hero. You can see examples on YouTube or do live streaming in the game.

4. See Mini Map

Next is to look at the mini map. Many of the new players are playing without seeing the mini map. This can irritate your friends. By looking at the mini map, there are a number of things you can know:

  • Estimated enemy is located
  • Attack Lord
  • Serang Turtle
  • You can help your friends
  • Determine when to attack and defend
  • And much more


5. Don’t play alone

Tips for beginners to play Mobile Legends next is not to play alone. If the beginning of the game (early game) you play alone is certainly not a problem. But if it is already in mid-game (mid game) until the end (late game), cooperation is very necessary.

If you have entered late game, as much as possible not to play alone. Because the enemy is getting stronger and you might be beaten up.

6. Upgrade Emblem

Next is to upgrade the Mobile Legends Emblem. After you determine which hero is suitable, don’t forget to choose the emblem. The emblem can increase the strength of the hero you are using.

7. Frequent Viewing Records

Many of the professional Legends players record their matches and upload them on the YouTube or Facebook site. You can watch the recording and learn how they play.

Currently there is also a Live Streaming feature that allows you to view matches directly from within the Mobile Legends game.

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