NVIDIA Control Panel

NVIDIA Control Panel is a special software program that allows users to quickly and easily access all important features related to NVIDIA drivers.

The NVIDIA Control Panel was specifically created to provide an intuitive and easy to use interface. Unlike in the past, it is now possible to modify several parameters based on individual preferences.

Some fields that can be accessed and modified include multimedia, game control, GPU management, and the ability to monitor operating system performance. The main advantage associated with this application is that it is no longer needed to enter the BIOS. Some key benefits to enjoy include a smoother interface, increased stability and maximized OS performance.

NVIDIA Control Panel offers options for novice and technically proficient users. Motherboard settings such as clock speeds can be adjusted while profiles can be adjusted if needed. Even hardware-related tasks such as controlling on-board cooling fans and monitoring environmental temperature readings are easily accessible. Users can enjoy a greater level of control than before. This bundle was created and tested by developers at NVIDIA.

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Advantages of NVIDIA Control Panel

  • There are many advanced features available.
  • It is now possible to proactively monitor hardware settings proactively.


  • It is likely that users will still need prior experience.
  •  Third-party drivers and hardware cannot be adjusted via this platform.


Download Driver NVIDIA Control Panel


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