Payoneer vs Paypal

I want to share my experience in using Payoneer Global Bank Transfer and Paypal.

Payoneer Global Bank Transfer is different from Payoneer Debit Card.

  • Payoneer Global Bank Transfer we do not hold a physical card, the money is immediately exchanged and transferred to our local bank account.
  • If our Payoneer Debit Card must wait for the Payoneer card to come home. And money does not enter our local bank account, but can be withdrawn directly at an ATM with a MasterCard logo.


I use Payoneer Global Bank Transfer and Paypal to receive paychecks from sharecash, propellerads and other affiliate sites.

Payoneer is superior to Paypal, because:

1. Pieces / fees at Payoneer are lower than Paypal.

  • I pulled $ 405.66 from sharecash, which was deducted / $ 19 fee with Paypal.
  • Whereas when I withdraw $ 497.08 from my sharecash, I only get a cut / fee of $ 3 with Payoneer.

2. Direct Money Transfer

If you use Payoneer Global Bank, transfer only 1 time, then the money goes directly to the local bank account. If you use paypal, it takes 2 more steps to get the money into the local bank account. That is, after the money goes into a paypal account, then it needs to be withdrawn or sold to the person on his paypay balance, of course, with the risk of having a limit account, because buying and selling balances is actually prohibited by the paypal party.

3. The Rate is the same

Payoneer rates can be said to be the same compared to Paypal withdrawal rates.

4. Fast

If using Payoneer at Sharecash, you can pay early, around 3-6 every month. If you use Paypal 15-20 every month.

5. Verified Account

If you now want to have a verified Paypal account, you need a credit card / VCC, if Payoneer doesn’t need a credit / VCC card, just complete personal data and local bank account number data.

This is my experience using Payoneer Global Bank Transfer and Paypal, especially to receive paychecks from sharecash. That is all. Thank you…

How to register for Payoneer Global Bank Transfer

Just click the link below:

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