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This VPN provider is in a location that strongly supports privacy: Switzerland. In contrast to some of its neighbors in Europe and beyond, Switzerland is not part of the 5 Eyes, or even 14 Eyes, therefore it can provide a huge incentive when it comes to protecting your data from government surveillance.

ProtonVPN utilizes the greatness of OpenVPN and uses UDP and TCP protocols. Software for client operating systems is available for Windows users, while OSX and Linux platforms need to use a third-party OpenVPN client.

Secure Core works by passing data traffic through several servers. ProtonVPN proves that they have tried their best to implement this facility, and therefore this should be an extraordinary bonus for those who are looking for the peak of online protection.

Terms for using ProtonVPN for free

Right now, Proton requires you to register an email account first before being granted permission to access VPN.

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ProtonVPN Features:

  • It is amazingly easy to prepare and run ProtonVPN regardless of what devices you use.
  • ProtonVPN also offers paid features in addition to being free. All facilities and functions of this VPN, not including the Secure Core facility, are included in the free e-mail account.
  • However, if you feel compelled to use ProtonVPN Secure Core technology, and / or want more email account facilities, you can choose to upgrade your account to “plus” or “visionary” level.


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