21 High Payment Referral Programs To Make A Lot Of Money

Some High Payment Referral Programs To Make A Lot Of Money

Make money online? Is this easy for you? With the Referral Program it is certainly easy. Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online.

The biggest advantage of referral marketing is that you don’t have to sell anything. You only need to refer people to certain sites. And you get a big prize for that.

However, you still need a high-paid reference program. Therefore, this is a list of the best and highest referral programs. We are very confident that you will find the right one here.

21 High Payment Referral Programs To Make A Lot Of Money

1. Hostinger Affiliate Program

Hostinger is known for its superior web hosting packages. They offer elite services such as:

  • Shared Hosting: This is a user-friendly and affordable web hosting solution that is suitable for small to medium websites.
  • VPS Hosting: Special resources and root access. Offer you complete freedom to set your own rules.
  • Cloud Hosting: This is a strong and managed web hosting solution that is perfect for large scale projects and high traffic sites
  • WordPress Hosting: The web hosting solution is optimized for the best WordPress performance

Now, Hostinger offers you the opportunity to make money with its affiliate programs. The Hostinger affiliate program offers you the opportunity to get 60% commission per sale.

Hostinger Referral Program

All you need to do is refer people to Hostinger. If you have a website, everything is easy for you. You must place an affiliate banner on it and continue to get money to refer people to Hostinger. Make commissions of up to 60% per sale


2. Ezoic

Ezoic is a website intelligence platform for publishers. This helps website owners and publishers to improve visitor experience and increase website revenue.

The Ezoic platform allows you to make sophisticated adjustments to your website automatically. Once integrated, publishers get full control over testing and experimentation. They can automatically test different placement, layout, and ad content. They know how these things affect website revenue and the main user experience metrics for each visitor.

Ezoic is easy to set up and easy to use. Now, Ezoic has created a Referral Program where you can introduce the Ezoic platform to other website owners and digital publishers.

Ezoic Referral Program

When other publishers register for Ezoic, you will get a commission for the commission of the publisher who joined this platform because of your agreement.

You only need to introduce Ezoic to website owners and publishers and get credit for registration. So, you have the opportunity to get traffic publications monetizing traffic through Ezoic. Referrers can get 3% of “Ezoic Income”, a publisher for survival when they use the Ezoic system. Generate: 3% of publisher earnings for life

3. SurveySavvy Reference Program

You can join SurveySavvy and get the opportunity to earn money by expressing your opinion. The more surveys you do, the more opportunities you get to get money.

You must join and complete your member profile. SurveySavvy will invite you to gather your opinions.

SurveySavvy will directly connect you with companies that seek consumer opinion and pay cash to share your opinions. The number of surveys you get is based on your personal profile.

SurveySavvy Referral Program

So, you can gather people to join SurveySavvy and get paid when they complete the survey. You can request payment if you have to collect more than $ 1 (USD) in incentives.


4. Shopify Affiliate Program

Shopify is the Leading eCommerce platform. This helps you to build your brand online with special domain names and online stores. You get instant access to the most beautiful theme conversations and come up with a beautiful shop that shows your trust.

Shopify offers your ECommerce platform easily. You can fully customize your online store. Users can manage products and inventory without limits. You can add new sales channels in seconds. I

Now, you have the opportunity to participate in the Shopify Affiliate Program to get industry-leading commissions, support and resources. It’s free to join without minimum fees or sales requirements.

Shopify Affiliate Program

You can make $ 58 for every user who registers for a paid package using your unique referral list.


5. MightyDeals

MightyDeals is a daily deals website with massive discounts for web and creative professionals. You can save 50% to 90% for eBooks, icons, templates, applications, fonts and more. Discounts are usually offered for a limited time.

They focus on products and services for web designers and developers. So, you get the deals that you can use for your work. Moreover, it does not require any registration to browse or buy the deals. Plus, you can subscribe and instantly get all new deals as and when they are released.

Now, you have an opportunity of making some extra money on your website by joining the Mighty Deals Affiliate Program.

You can earn as much as 25% commission on all sales that are sent through your affiliate links.

Commissions are directly paid into your PayPal account within 30 days. Affiliates must have accumulated a minimum of $50 in commission.

You gain access to personal affiliate tools such as the custom links, banners, and widgets which displays the latest deals. You should have an active website, blog, Facebook or Twitter account for placing your affiliate link.

The MightyDeals Affiliate Program is a great opportunity for all those (including Coupon Sites, Deal Sites, Developers, Designers, and Bloggers) whose followers look to save money on professional web tools.

MightyDeals Referral Program

Earn: 25% commission on any purchases


6. Thrive theme

ThriveThemes is one of the best places for WordPress & Themes that is rich & feature rich. The main focus is to enable you to change more of your website visitors to customers, customers and clients. In addition, ThriveThemes is the second name for quality and affordability. It’s affordable for anyone.

You can join the Thrive Theme Affiliate Program and enjoy a commission of 35% per purchase along with the opportunity to make the Commission Repeat 25%.

Plus, you have statistics and analytics that can be used to track traffic, the sales you make, and the commissions you get. They pay you via PayPal as soon as your commission reaches $ 20 (USD). There is Affiliate Training to help you with all that.

ThriveThemes Referral Program

Generate: 35% Commission + Commission Repeated 25%


7. Fiverr Reference Program

Fiverr is one of the most famous markets for freelance services. With Fiverr you only need to focus on your business. You can use Fiverr for logos, websites and everything.

Now, you can make extra money by joining the Fiverr Affiliate Program. You are paid to drive traffic to Fiverr – the world’s largest market for business services. You need to place an affiliate link on your website. The commission is paid once a month on a Net30 basis.

Fiverr Affiliate Program

Generate: CPA Up to $ 150


8. SEMrush Affiliate Program

SEMrush is the right place for all the SEO tools needed by digital marketing professionals to improve their performance and get better rankings in SERPs. Trusted by a number of leading brands such as eBay, Quora, BNP Paribas, HP, Booking.com, and many others.

With SEMrush, you get insight to get more organic traffic. You can do technical SEO audits, backlink audits and analysis, position tracking, competitive intelligence, find the best performing posts, see social engagement, find trending topics, and many other useful things.

SEMrush runs an affiliate program called “BeRush” where you have the opportunity to get a 40% recurring commission for SEMrush subscription sales. It’s easy to get started as an Affiliate. Join BeRush and get access to promo material, easy and complete statistics, and excellent customer support.

You have the opportunity to get 40% recurring commission for each new user. Commission payments are made twice a month via PayPal or Bank Transfer.

SEMrush Referral Program

Generate: 40% recurring commission


9. NordVPN Affiliate Program

NordVPN offers secure and private access to the Internet. You have peace of mind when using public Wi-Fi. It keeps your browsing history safe and for yourself.

In addition, with one NordVPN account, you can secure up to six devices at a time. You have access to 5100 NordVPN servers in 62 countries and get the fastest VPN experience.

They focus on products and services for web designers and developers. They offer the right package for you. For example, there is a 3-year package for $ 2.99 per month.

With the NordVPN Affiliate Program, you get the opportunity to earn money by promoting one of the best VPN services.

In addition, they offer one of the highest commissions on the VPN market. Commission rates are one of the best in the industry. The amount you get depends on the subscription package ordered by each customer you refer. For example: with 1 year offer – New registration gives you 40% commission and 30% extension.

You need to register for the NordVPN Affiliate Program. You get links and promo material. Promote NordVPN and get your commission for every purchase.

NordVPN Referral Program

Earn: Up to 100% commission

10. LambdaTest Affiliate Program

LambdaTest is a free cross-browser testing tool in the cloud. This allows you to do cross-browser testing on as many as 2000+ Real Browsers and Online Operating Systems.

With LambdaTest, you can do interactive cross-browser testing directly from websites and locally-hosted or public-hosted applications in more than 2000 real mobile & desktop browsers running on real operating systems.

Plus, you get an integrated debugging tool so you can debug in realtime on desktop and mobile browsers. You can test the response of your webpage on various devices and sizes of cellphones.

Now, you have a good chance to join the LambdaTest Affiliate Program where you can make a 50% commission on the first transaction followed by 25% as a recurring commission.

You need to promote the LambdaTest platform. For every transaction that occurs with your referral link, you can get money.

You are entitled to a commission for every purchase made through your affiliate link.

Joining is free, and there are no minimum sales requirements. The registration process is very easy. Payments are made using your PayPal account.

LambdaTest offers a 25% flat recurring commission on all annual plans. Plus, you can get a 50% commission (on a monthly package) on the first transaction along with a 25% recurring monthly commission for a lifetime.

LambdaTest Referral Program

Generate: 25% recurring monthly commission for a lifetime

11. Payoneer Reference Program

Payoneer turned out to be a great solution to get paid online for countries that are not supported by Paypal. It is supported by many companies such as Upwork, Freelancer, Clickbank, ShareASale, Fiverr and many more.

Offer a free Prepaid MasterCard with a $ 25 activation bonus when the card is loaded with $ 100. Payoneer runs a high paid referral program that offers $ 25 for each referral when the referral receives payments of at least $ 100 for the first time.

Payoneer Referral Program

Generate: $ 25 for each reference

12. G Suite Referral Program

You can get a prize for recommending G Suite. The G Suite Referral Program offers $ 15 for each user, up to $ 1500 per business that registers.

G Suite has business tools for sending professional email, online storage, video meetings, shared calendars, and more.

G Suite Referral Program

Generate: $ 15 for every paid user

13. Dropbox Reference Program

Dropbox runs a file hosting service where you can store your files, documents, photos and videos. It offers 2GB of space for free in the basic package. However, by promoting the referral program to your friends, you can get up to 16GB of free space.

Dropbox runs a file hosting service where you can store your files, documents, photos and videos. It offers 2GB of space for free in the basic package.

By promoting the referral program to your friends, you can get up to 16GB of free space.

Dropbox Referral Program

Generate: 500MB bonus space for each reference

14. Revenuehits Reference Program

Revenuehits functions as an Adsense Alternative. Revenuehits runs a high-payment reference program that earns you up to 10% when registering It offers a 5% share of the publisher’s income which has a daily average of up to $ 50 at the end of each month which continues for the next 12 months.

Likewise, Revenuehits offers a 10% share of the publisher’s income which has a daily average of more than $ 50 at the end of each month for the next 12 months.

Revenuehits Referral Program

Generate: 10% of publisher earnings

15. Media.net Reference Program

Media.net is another Adsense alternative. It serves as a contextual advertising program by Yahoo and Bing.

This allows you to refer to new publishers. You can get 10% of your reference income up to 18 months from the date of registration. This also gives the issuer who gets a 10% income bonus.

Media.net Referral Program

Earn: 10% of the publisher’s income for 12 months

16. Bidvertiser Referral Program

Bidvertiser operates as a Pay-per-Click Ad Network like Google Adsense. This allows you to refer advertisers and publishers. When you refer an advertiser, and he spends $ 10, you will receive $ 5.

Bidvertiser Referral Program

You will get an additional $ 50 when the same advertiser spends $ 50 more. If you refer to the publisher and he makes $ 10, you will get $ 10. You will receive an additional $ 40 when the same publisher earns $ 50 more. Payments are made through Paypal when you get $ 10.


17. GetResponse Reference Program

GetResponse Referral Program

GetResponse is a powerful email marketing tool. The GetResponse Reference Program allows you to get $ 30 by referring your friends who will also receive a $ 30 credit to continue with GetResponse.

18. Infolinks Reference Program

Infolinks Referral Program

Infolinks is one of the most popular online advertising networks. It runs a referral program to refer new publishers. This gives 10% of the publisher’s income during the first 12 months if the publisher joins Infolinks using your reference link.

19. Viglinks Reference Program

Viglinks Referral Program

The Viglinks Reference Program allows you to get 35% commission for the first year of the referenced user. This is useful for those who do not know which affiliate products to promote.

This changes the outgoing link to be an affiliate link.

20. ClickBank Reference Program

ClickBank Referral Program

ClickBank serves as an online marketplace for digital information products. This runs a referral program to refer to new product vendors.

This provides a 22% commission on the activation fee of $ 49.95 when a new vendor joins using your reference link. Plus, Clickbank also provides 5% of every sale made by the vendor for a full year.

21. Ninja Outreach Reference Program

Ninja Outreach Referral Program

Ninja Outreach runs a reference program that offers 50% recurring commission every month for each customer you refer.

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  1. Hostinger affiliate program is very generous, I get my payments each month and they are never late. I always know what I am paid for here. My referred friends are also very happy I know so good feedback lets me attract more users here.

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