TeamViewer is software that can be used free of charge for personal / non-commercial use. TeamViewer can be used to access PCs remotely via a connecting network such as the Internet.


Teamviewer function

  1. Remote control: To control someone else’s computer, but we need to know the ID of the TeamViewer partner on your computer. We just need to enter the Partner ID and then click on connect to a partner and we can use someone else’s computer remotely.
  2. File transfer: This feature has a function as a client and server. The way to use it is that we just drag and drop to move files from client to server or vice versa. Very easy to use.
  3. Meeting: This feature has functions to create meetings that can allow up to 20 computers.

There are two columns on the left:

  • The host has the function of providing access to meetings for other people and ourselves to be a host. Click on the “instant meeting” Automatically we are already hosted.
  • Join a meeting: has the function we can join a number of other meetings. We just need to enter the meeting ID and automatically join the meeting.

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Download TeamViewer

For Mac


For Windows


For Linux


For Chrome OS


For iOS


For Android



How to use Teamviewer

  1. Before you can use Teamviewer the conditions are that the two PCs to be connected must have the same version of Teamviewer software. The following is a brief explanation of how to use TeamViewer.
  2. Run Teamviewer on both PCs, wait for your ID and password to appear
  3. Connect to the internet if you want to remote via the internet.
  4. Select the type of connection that will be done (remote support, presentation or file transfer)
  5. Enter the ID & Password of the computer to be remote.
  6. Then click “Connect to partner”.

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