The 5 Best Portrait Camera Mode Applications for Android

The 5 Best Portrait Camera Mode Applications for Android

Capturing a moment or a memory is indeed the most beautiful thing we will feel. One of them is capturing our memories in the form of photos or videos.

Did you know that now there have been dozens of applications that can make your photos and videos memorable, elegant and meaningful. Now there is a camera feature that is often sought by many people from a smartphone is portrait mode.


Here are 5 camera applications that feature the best portrait mode for Android:


  • DSLR Camera

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Through this application you don’t need to be a professional photographer for. The DSLR Camera application applies blur effects to the background of the image. This application allows you to manually select a subject from a photo to apply a blur effect. In addition, this application has a feature that allows you to adjust the level of the blur effect.

Description of DSLR Camera
Developer: Solution Cat Ltd
Review: 4.2 (175,037)
Size: 7.1MB
Install: 10M +
Android: Minimum 4.1


  •  After Focus 

Image result for aplikasi After Focus

The After Focus application allows you to select focus areas manually to produce images that look more natural and professional. Not only that, After Focus has a feature called smart focus area that works by selecting subjects from the background automatically to apply the bokeh effect.

Description of After Focus
MotionOne Developer
Review: 4.2 (171,912)
Size: 13MB
Install: 10M +
Android: Minimum 4.0


  • Snapseed 

Image result for aplikasi Snapseed 

The Snapseed app is one of the best professional photo editing applications that you can use on your Android phone. This application provides almost all the photo editing tools needed by its users. Through this application you can rotate, adjust perspective, white balance, use various attractive filters, and much more.
Therefore, Snapseed deserves to be included in the list of the best portrait mode applications for your Android.

Description of Snapseed
Developer: Google LLC
Review: 4.5 (941,219)
Size: 22MB
Install: 100M +
Android: Minimum4.4


  • PicsArt

Image result for aplikasi PicsArt

PicsArt Photo Studio is an image editing application that is very popular among smartphone users. This application can help you edit images, create collages, and social networking features to share images with the PicsArt community.
In addition to editing images, this application also offers stunning bokeh effects. You can choose one of the bokeh effects provided such as normal, smart, moving, focal and radial.

About: PicsArt Photo Studio
Developer: PicsArt
Review: 4.5 (8,287,137)
Size: 34MB
Install 500M
Android: Minimum 4.1


  • AirBrush


Image result for aplikasi AirBrush

The AirBrush application is a photo editing application that offers users a variety of photo editing options. This application offers a blur tool that allows you to correct any photo to have a deep blur effect.
In addition, the AirBrush application also offers real-time editing technology that allows you to edit selfies before taking pictures.

AirBrush Information
Meitu (China) Limited Developer
Review: 4.8 (940,781)
Size: 44MB
Install: 10M +
Android: Minimum 4.1

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