AZHALENA.COM: Viber is an application service that uses VoIP technology to make calls and send text, photos and video messages for free.

This is a cheap and useful way to chat with your friends and family abroad without using cellphone credit. You can make calls and send text via Wi-Fi or 3G / 4G data on a mobile device or use a desktop application on a computer.

Amazingly this application we do not need to create an account or add friends, because it uses a mobile number to register. In addition, the friend number you saved in the contact will automatically be listed on the contact.

Viber for Desktop


Viber Download


=> For Windows (86,7 MB)



=> For Mac 10.11 and UP (109 MB)


=> For Mac 10.10 (108 MB)


=> For Mac 10.9 (88,7 MB)


=> For Mac 10.8 (82,3 MB)


=> For Mac 10.7 (113 MB)



=> For Linux Ubuntu (80 MB)


=> For Linux Fedora (114 MB)


  • License: Freeware
  • Developer: Viber Media S.à r.l.
  • Operating System: Windows, Mac, Linux
  • Category: BROWSER | NETWORK
  •  Last Update: March 30, 2019

Viber’s advantages:

  • This application is FREE / FREE
  • Can send short messages (SMS) arranged in the form of chat messengers
  • Can call other viber users with sound quality that is quite good and clear (depending on the network connection you get).
  • Lighter and friendlier so it doesn’t overload the system performance and doesn’t drain the battery too much.
  • Easy to use, recognize contacts with cellular numbers.
  • Geolocation, integrated with maps
  • Send pictures
  • Preview images in conversation
  • Supports push notification (including notifications of friends who have just joined Viber)
  • Ad-free





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