Payoneer vs. PayPal, Which Is Better and Beneficial

Indeed, there are not many who know the difference between Payoneer and Paypal, should when you are traveling in cyberspace to make money from the internet, let alone receive and send payments from international companies we should know and understand the payment system, many international companies that are abroad which provides a choice of payment transactions or disbursement of your money through Payoneer or paypal.

Among the two are clearly different, even though basically the performance is the same namely receiving online payments.

Payoneer is better than Paypal, why?

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  • Verification System

From the clear verification system Payoneer is better than Paypal, because when you register Payoneer automatically you will get a MasterCard that you can use immediately when your balance is filled.

But PayPal actually requires an existing MasterCard or CreditCard.

  • Fee for Withdrawal of Money

If you want to withdraw money using Payoneer, it will be more profitable for you, because the fees charged when making money withdrawals are as much as $ 3 Dollars.

But different when you do withdrawal of money through paypal, paypal does not support direct withdrawal, but manually and the calculation is not automatic with a cost of up to $ 10 dollars.


  • Money Disbursement Limits

In a single money withdrawal using Payoneer we can withdraw money up to Rp.2,500,000, and immediately liquid at the place, because withdrawal using Payoneer can be done through a local ATM, different from paypal.

The withdrawal from paypal is indeed bigger, it can reach tens of millions, but for those whose income has not reached tens of millions, it’s useless to feel.

But on paypal, you also have to wait for the manual process. Money transfers you can reach a week may be more.

  • Payoneer is a Multipurpose Payment Tool

When we level out on Payoneer, we will be given a Free Prepaid Card Master and delivered to our home address. The MaterCard can be used for various types of payments and cash disbursements online to Paypal verification.

But different from the one called paypal, paypal can’t do this, paypal depends on mastercard or credit card.

  • Unique Payoneer System

The system found on Payoneer is when you register via referral you will get $ 25 each for registrants and referrals themselves. Interesting, not just registering, we are given a $ 25 Free Dollar and given a MasterCard card facility, fortunately a double.


So from the discussion above, if you will determine the choice to use Payoneer or paypal, then I suggest choosing Payoneer. Because of what??

Because you will get good and easy service. Then the process is free and verification is very easy.

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